Simplifying solar energy projects

Solairum walks you through every step to get your solar power plant planned, installed and running in top condition

Solairum guidance saves time, money and mistakes

Connect with solar professionals to get the perfect job done

So simple, that no special technical knowledge is required

Your #1 contact along the entire lifecycle

Our team of experts provides advice during the
planning phase, construction and operation of your solar energy power plant
- saving you time, hassle and money.

B2B Services we offer:

Get all the information in one place

One transparent guide with all steps involved to get your solar power plant. 

Accurate and up-to-date information on regulations, subsidies and grants for your area.

Simple project management 

Straightforward guide through the installation phase.

Checklist of common mistakes to avoid.

Simplified communication between all partners.

Connect with solar service providers

Receive standardised quotes from trusted solar service providers that you can easily compare and select.

Get non-biased advice based on our experts’ experience.

Solar Monitoring and Maintenance

You focus on your business;

We monitor and maintain your system,
and alert you in case of any unusual events.

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Why with us?

Solairum Experts and Software

Solairum combines software and personal expert advice to create the smoothest experience to plan, install and operate your photovoltaic power plant.

Your needs are at the center of our business.

We provide online tools to manage the project workflow efficiently, and assign you a personal project expert for on-demand questions and support.

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Why now?

Unpredictable energy pricing and the ongoing climate crisis are driving the demand for renewable energy higher than ever. 

However, current processes are complicated and act as barriers holding back companies from realising green energy projects. 

We aim to simplify these processes to allow for universal access to renewable energy.

Climate Action

Electrical energy from photovoltaic (PV) power plants is lower in carbon emissions and has a lower environmental impact than non-renewable energy sources. We aim to ensure that green power plants are accessible to all – by reducing the effort required to install and run them. 

Energy Independence - at a price you can rely on

Energy market volatility in recent years has shown us that non-renewable energy sources are economically unsustainable. Massive price increases have crushed industries and have a lasting effect on both manufacturers and consumers. Solairum helps organisations reach energy independence by supporting them along the journey of installing and running a PV power plant. 

PV Market Growth

The European Union sees PV power as a crucial part of reaching our world climate goals and financial independence from fossil fuels. Therefore new EU regulations will mandate PV installations in new construction, and additional financial support will be made available. Solairum is a tool to accelerate the energy transition and build a resilient and low-carbon energy system for a sustainable future. 

Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of our industrial world and secure reliable energy for all.


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